Durgapur Dhanush Welfare Society

An Arrow Of Life

(Reg. No. : S0007273)

About Us

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time ; they just have the heart. The heart that has space. And the space, that is for everyone. Everyone, that includes every living being s life. The life that is full of happiness and the happiness that is eternal. This is who we are and what we wish to accomplish. We are proud volunteers. We are Durgapur Dhanush Welfare Society..

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a smile on everyones face. We want to ensure that no one goes to sleep with an empty stomach. One of our aim is also to aware people about social happenings and needs of the poor and the marginalised . We aim at developing a belief in every citizen so that they can discover their potential for action and change. Apart from all these, our volunteers are working to encourage people to come forward with a helping hand for the poorest and the deprieved class of the society.

Our Work

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