About Us

Durgapur Dhanush Welfare Society is an NGO based in Durgapur(Reg. No. : S0007273), West Bengal. DDWS strives to make a world where All people live with dignity and security.


Who We Are

"As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person". This is the very belief that drives each and every volunteer of Durgapur Dhanush Welfare Society. DDWS is a not- for -profit organization established in 2019. We at DDWS have been working selflessly for social welfare since our inception. Being a new organization and build by a handful of college students, there were times when we were short of resources but we have never been short of enthusiasm and dedication. DDWS is dedicated to work for the welfare and upliftment of every human being in the society. We have always stood together with people in need and we will continue to do this in future as well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a smile on everyone’s face. We want to ensure that no one goes to sleep with an empty stomach. One of our aim is also to aware people about social happenings and needs of the poor and the marginalised . We aim at developing a belief in every citizen so that they can discover their potential for action and change. Apart from all these, our volunteers are working to encourage people to come forward with a helping hand for the poorest and the deprieved class of the society.

Board Members

Akash Chatterjee


Barun Satpati

Vice President

Biplab Naskar


Anakshi Das

Asst. Secretary

Shreyasee Kundu


Oli Das

Management Head

Prianka Saha

Member Head

Rituparno Mukherjee

Member Head

Core Team Leaders

Akash Saha

Creative Team

Md. Meraj Alam

Web Dev. Team

Avinaba Maji

PR Team

Rituparna Chatterjee

HR Team

Local Body Committee

Chhanda Niyogi

Durgapur Region Manager

Sourav Mukherjee

Durgapur Region Asst Manager

Avinaba Maji

Durgapur Region PR & Survey Manager

Surajit Patar

Durgapur Region Taskforce and Ground coordinator

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